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agile strategy requires agile management to be effective
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Is your organisation growing fast? Its environment changing drastically? Your management needs to adapt to maximise productivity?

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Small and medium size organisations require agility to compete in fast, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous markets.

Your production functions are possibly already agile. What about your support functions and your management? Without agile tools and management processes, your organisation will use more resources to achieve its goals and be vulnerable to fast changing environments. 

Strategy, Process & Tools

Agile management implies not only the use of agile management tools, but also adapted processes and a different approach to strategy development and planning.


Agile management is similar to competitive sports. You need to practice, with an experienced coach, to achieve top level performance.

Conferences & Workshops

Our conferences, lunch & learns and workshops are a fast way for your team to learn  agile management concepts and how to use the tools that enable it.

“My mission is to help entrepreneurs and managers develop their organisation’s full agile potential.”

Rita Baker, Founder

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