Guiding Values


Agility requires movement.
We have a strong bias for action.

We prefer showing you how to do rather than telling you.


We look for the simplest solution for you that will do the job best.
Simple solutions cost less and are faster to implement.


In our communications, and every other aspect of our work.
Honesty is accompanied with transparency. We will say what we do and do what we say every step of the way.


The true test of agility is to go faster and learn not just on our own but in collaboration with others.

Who is behind Baker Pivot & Acceleration

Rita Baker

Principal Consultant at Baker Pivot & Acceleration


Rita Baker is a consultant,  coach and a mentor.

She has over 20 years of business consulting and 10 years of product development and  management experience.
Rita helps small & medium-size organisations find new or improved business models and implement them profitably in fast moving markets.  Rita is an excellent listener and communicator, easy to work with, ethical, quickly sees the big picture and understands the key drivers of an ecosystem.  She is someone you can trust.

Agility comes naturally to Rita. She started using agile methodologies while in product management 20 years ago. She was faced with the challenges of creating new product lines in large organisations where little time and scarcity of resources (sound familiar?) were the main challenges.

Rita first studied then implemented Lean Startup, Lean Enterprise, Design Thinking and SAFe approaches in the last 8 years. She is also versed in the use of multiple agile management and production tools such as the business or lean model canvas, value proposition canvas,  empathy maps, experiment board and log, etc.

Agile production techniques do not yield optimal results unless accompanied by agile management within an agile organisational culture.

Rita’s entrepreneurial, coaching and mentoring experience ensures that she understands the reality of  her customers and can help them acquire agile management skillsets rapidly.

Rita was nominated in 2018 and 2019 as mentor and community organiser of the year for the Montreal Startup Community Awards.  She founded Mentors Montreal and co-founded the Montreal Lean Startup Circle. She is also a volunteer mentor and business coach with Futurpreneurs  and  Montréal Inc.

See Rita’s LinkedIn profile for more details.

In Action