Guiding Values


Agility requires movement.
We have a strong bias for action.

We prefer showing you how to do rather than telling you.


We look for the simplest solution for you that will do the job best.
Simple solutions cost less and are faster to implement.


In everything we do.
Transparency accelerates the building of trust. We’ll say what we’ll do, and do what we say, every step of the way.


The true test of agility is to go faster and learn not just on our own but in collaboration with others.

Who is behind Baker Pivot & Acceleration

Rita Baker

Principal Consultant at Baker Pivot & Acceleration


Rita Baker is a consultant, coach and mentor.

She has over 20 years’ experience in business consulting and 10 years in technology product development and management.
Rita’s skills and abilities enable her to help small and medium-sized organisations find innovative new business models and implement them profitably. Rita is an excellent listener and communicator. She’s quick to see the big picture, as well as the key issues in an ecosystem. Rita Baker’s customers notice her exemplary work ethic. She is a person they can trust.

Rita has been studying and applying Lean Startup, Lean Enterprise, Design Thinking and SAFe approaches for the past 10 years. She has mastered multiple agile management and production tools such as the lean business model canvas, the value proposition canvas, the empathy map, the customer journey map, experimentation chart and log, and others.

Rita Baker’s entrepreneurial, coaching and mentoring experience enables her to understand her clients’ realities. Rita has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs over the course of her career.

Rita was nominated for Mentor and Community Organizer in 2018 and 2019, and won Mentor of the Year in 2021. This title was awarded by the Montreal Startup Community Awards. She founded Mentors Montreal and co-founded the Montreal Lean Startup Circle. She is also a volunteer mentor and business coach for a number of entrepreneurial support organisations.

See Rita’s LinkedIn profile for more details.

In Action